Friday, 2 September 2011

Help Required

Once again it is that awful time of year when we are reminded of the terrible events of 9/11. Long-term readers will have heard of Project 2996, a web-based project hoping to keep the memory of the victims' lives alive and not focusing on their deaths.
Due to many of the previous tributes being erased when blogs close down etc they are short of several hundred tributes this year and with only a few days left they need all the help they can get to fulfil their aim of remembering ALL the victims.
If you have a little while to do some research and write up a memorial of someone's LIFE, not their death, please get in touch, take a look at this list and help complete this task on this the 10th anniversary of that world changing day.
Please help if you can. In case it influences you, as of today, there are at least 13 known LGBT victims still without memorials.

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