Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Unknown Dates In June

The following details are incomplete, each happened in June, but one which date I have no idea at the moment. I need to find out and locate sources to verify specific dates that are missing. The same goes for any information that I post. If something is missing or wrong and you can correct this, then please email or leave a comment.

LGBT people born in June

1959 – Aaron Webster – Canadian Hate Crime Victim – Died 17th November 2001

1978 – Naechane Valentino [aka Mz Fontaine & Naomi Romeo] – Guyanese rapper

And those who died in June

1944 – Simone Gentet – Swiss Author / Murder Victim – Born ?

Events in LGBT history in June

2005 – Spain legalise full gay marriage

2008 – Tel Aviv Municipal Center for the LGBT Community founded

2008 – Same-sex marriages begin in California, USA

2009 – Supreme Court of Pakistan order census of hijras

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